Prevent Hairs From Split Ends

It’s surprising fact that more than 70% of the girls are facing split ends problem today. Split ends occur just because of your careless attitude towards your hair. I know you are using very high-quality conditioner, hair cream, mask, and serum but still facing this problem. Don’t worry guys in this blog, I am sharing some of the tricks how to prevent hairs from split ends?.

Do you know what are the main causes of split ends?

  • The most common cause of hair split ends is environmental pollution.
  • Dust damages your hair quality & increases dandruff in your hair.
  • Improper brushing of your wet hair is one of the main cause hair split ends.
  • Due to improper oiling can cause excessive dryness in your hair as a result split ends occur.
  • Sometimes it happens if your hair didn’t get proper nutritious food.
  • It occurs due to excessive use of dryer or straightener.
  • Excessive use of chemical based hair products such as gel & spray.

How to get rid of split ends?

Trim Your Hair

You have two options- you can trim your hair by yourself or you can take trimming service from any salon. If you are trimming your hair, then you need a pair of scissors and a mirror. Sit in front of the mirror and take a small strip of your split ends hair & cut down the small portion (0.25-.30 cm). If you think you can’t do it, then don’t dry it.

Trim Your Hair

Haircut Services

Take haircut on every three months for a long, & split ends free hair. Many people take haircut service on a yearly basis, but this behaviour is totally wrong. The growth of your hair is stops after some time, for a good hair growth you need to take hair cutting from time to time.

Haircut Services

Take Monthly Spa Service

Hair Spa is the most effective technique to make your hair smooth, long & split ends free. You should take hair spa on a monthly basis. It will not only enhance the hair quality but also protect your hair from other fungal infections.

Take Monthly Spa Service

Natural Products

Don’t use chemical products on your hair, choose only natural product. Remember one thing this chemical product is not good for long-term use. It will slowly damage your hair from inside and it can cause hair fall.

Use of Towel

Try to use a soft and lightweight towel because wet hairs can’t handle this heavy towel as a result hair fall problem happens. In place of rubbing the hair, fold your hair with a towel in an upward direction and let it dry.

Avoid Heat Appliance

Avoid the use of hair dryer, curler & straightener in a normal day. If you want to use these heat appliances on your hair then in such case use the heat protector before using it.

Avoid Heat Appliance

Proper Oiling

Oil is the best remedy for almost all kinds of hair problems not only that it is also very good for blood circulation. So, take Head Oil Massage on a weekly basis.

Hair Treatment Services

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